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GombaShop™ gives you essential tools with which to track both sales and consumer behavior trends easily.

Statistics and their skillful use are vital for any sustainable and robust online business.

GombaShop™ provides you with a mix of statistical data related to both sales and your customers' behavior.

Your store supports integration with the most powerful online analytics tool: Google Analytics( ).

Adding these analytics is easily done through the admin of every GombaShop™ website.

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Why is GombaShoptm the right solution?
We will not try to impress you with dozens of features you will never use, nor are we going to pile confusing information about the amazing features our platform offers.
This is simply unnecessary because GombaShop works!
It works fast, easy, and has everything you need to start your online business right now!
See it for yourself!
You can see it for yourself through the 14-day free trial period, during which we will provide you with a fully functional and running online store.