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Facebook store and social network integration
Your products should be where your customers are!

GombaShop™ is fully integrated with the most popular social networks.

In the administrative panel, you can set various options for promoting your products on Facebook, Google Play and Pinterest.

Social network Integration is a great marketing tool to help your popularize your online store even more.

In addition to social network integration, GombaShop™ offers you the option to integrate your online store right into your Facebook page.

This unique option is completely free for all GombaShop™ stores.

Creating a Facebook store is quick and easy, with just a few clicks, and its maintenance takes absolutely no time, as the information is synchronized real-time with the information in your online store.

Facebook Shop
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Why is GombaShoptm the right solution?
We will not try to impress you with dozens of features you will never use, nor are we going to pile confusing information about the amazing features our platform offers.
This is simply unnecessary because GombaShop works!
It works fast, easy, and has everything you need to start your online business right now!
See it for yourself!
You can see it for yourself through the 14-day free trial period, during which we will provide you with a fully functional and running online store.