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GombaShop™ is all you need to run a successful online store.
Pick the monthly subscription plan most suitable for you and start your online business right now!
Not sure which plan to choose? No worries, contact us and we will help you make the right choice.
Each package includes a completely unbinding 14-day free trial.

Payment of subscription:

START 24.00 29.00 eur. / monthly
BUSINESS 49.00 59.00 eur. / monthly
PROFESSIONAL 79.00 95.00 eur. / monthly
First payment: 50.00 eur.  free  free  free
Products / SKUs / up to 50  up to 500  unlimited  unlimited
Bandwidth up to 10 GB monthly  up to 50 GB monthly  up to 100 GB monthly  unlimited
Storage up to 2 GB  up to 10 GB  up to 50 GB  unlimited
Free domain /.com, .net/ Не  Да  Да  Да
Mobile version Не  Да  Да  Да
Facebook store Не  Да  Да  Да
Google AdWords credits Не  Не  Не  Да
Support working hours  working hours  working hours  working hours
Design package Не  Не  Не  Да
  Try it now14-day
free trial
  Try it now14-day
free trial
  Try it now14-day
free trial
We are sure you have questions... We've got answers.

Do I enter into a fixed-term contract when I buy and use GombaShop™?

No! You can cancel your subscription any time!

Do you have a commission?

No. The use of the e-commerce platform is paid monthly, according to the plan you picked. We do not and will never take a commission on your purchase!

Do you offer a free trial period?

Absolutely. We do not expect our customers to trust us blindly. That is why we offer a free 14-day trial period. You have two weeks to make sure that GombaShop™ is exactly the solution you need.

Will I be able to keep my data after the 14-day free trial is over?

Of course! The last thing we want is for our customers to waste time on entering the same information twice. The online store you use during the trial period is absolutely identical with the paid version. We are aware that the only way for you to evaluate the advantages of GombaShop™ is if you have the option to create an actual store.

Will I be able to sell during the free trial?

During the free trial, your store will be fully functional, and you will be able to sell your products.

Is there an option to change the price plan I originally picked?

Anytime! If you decide that the selected plan is not the right one for you, just choose another one.

Can I transfer the products from my current online store?

Of course. We will import all your products absolutely free of charge.
Just write us at

Can I use my own domain with the store?

For sure!
Your online store can be located both on a domain you own and on a subdomain, registered automatically by the system.
This way, you can start populating your site with information as soon as you register, without being limited by the lack of domain.

I already have accounts in some payment systems. Will they work with GombaShop™?

GombaShop™ is an e-commerce platform that supports payments with PayPal, EasyPay and ePay.
If you already have business accounts for these platforms, you will also be able to use them with GombaShop™.

Does my store come with email accounts?

Yes, you can have as many email accounts as you need.

Do I need additional hosting?

No! GombaShop™ is an all-in-one e-commerce solution. We provide everything that's needed for the smooth operation of your store. All you have to do is sell.

More questions?

We will be happy to answer all of them. Call us at +359 879 236 513 or send us an email at

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Why is GombaShop the right solution?
We will not try to impress you with dozens of features you will never use, nor are we going to pile confusing information about the amazing features our platform offers.
This is simply unnecessary because GombaShop works!
It works fast, easy, and has everything you need to start your online business right now!
See it for yourself!
You can see it for yourself through the 14-day free trial period, during which we will provide you with a fully functional and running online store.